The Promotion Problem

With the large array of social networks we have as college students in our arsenal, promoting a blog should not be too difficult.  That is, if your target audience is other people your age.  Obvious promotion techniques would be to post a link on your Facebook with a little description of how “totally kewl” my … Continue reading

My First Audio File

Since I do not have a Mac I had to download Audacity to make my audio file.  I was a lot better with handling Audacity than I was with Pixlr.  I am a huge music fan so picking the two songs I wanted to use in my sound file was a very easy part.  Then … Continue reading

My Header

Creating my header was probably the most frustrating thing I have ever done.  I have never been acquainted with picture editing software such as Photoshop and Pixlr.  At the same time I did not want to make a half-fast header that made my website look unprofessional and degrading even though after hours of watching tutorials … Continue reading

Well here goes nothing…

  (Picture from my Facebook of course!) Welcome new comer (who is most likely a classmate of mine)!  I am thoroughly excited to make my first step into this world of online blogging.  Picking a topic for my blog was pretty difficult as I am sure it was for all of you bloggers out there.  … Continue reading